8 tips for writing the perfect tweet

Born in 2006 following the first tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders, the network of micro-blogging has grown exponentially. Today, Twitter is more than 200 million users worldwide and 400 million tweets sent every day! Both say that to optimize your engagement rate, it will take care of writing your tweets! Here are 8 tips for writing a tweet that converse:


Remember, the objectives of a tweet are:

  • to be read;
  • to be clicked (if it includes a link to the source);
  • Finally, to be shared.

To maximize the chances of spreading a tweet must meet the following criteria:

  • the choice of a powerful subject, news that will make your unique and useful to your readers tweet;
  • writing and perfect grammar associated with an appropriate punctuation. Put spaces and avoid abbreviations;
  • written in a tweet more than 100 characters. An analysis of more than 320 million Twitter profile identifies the tweets of 100 characters or less, collect 17% more engagement;
  • milestones “Call to Action” to encourage your readers to get involved, tell them what you expect of them. A study by Buddy Media shows that asking his followers to retweet a message increases 12 times its rate retweet;
  • a highlighted certain keywords through the use of square brackets [];
  • inserting the # hashtag brings relevance to your tweet and potential followers. Tweets with the hashtag # count 2 times more commitment. Do not build more than 2 # hashtags per tweet may be considered as a spammer;
  • the inclusion of a link to the source (blog, forum, social networking, image, video …) 20 characters. Use services like bit.ly URLs reduction and remember to check the proper functioning of the link;
  • space corresponding to about 20 characters at the end of your tweet in order to encourage its dissemination. Hint: the number of characters must be equal = number of letters in your profile name Tweeter + 5 characters (2 for “RT” + 1 for the next space + 1 for the “@” + 1 the following profile name).

The best time to tweet?

A study by Buddy Media sheds light on the highlights of the week to tweet:

  • Saturday and Sunday are experiencing 17% higher compared to weekdays commitment rate. However, only 19% of brands tweet the weekend;
  • Wednesday and Thursday show the lowest rate of commitment;
    you are advised to tweet between 8am and 19h for a higher engagement rate of 30% (including weekends).

However, attention to properly take into account the behavior may vary depending on the Twitter profile of each. I suggest you use the Tweriod tool that lets you know the best times to distribute, according to your profile.

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