A battery candles

​Do you love the scent of a candle? Do you like the atmosphere of flashing lights? Now you can use the same great sailing with a sail on the battery operated candles. Do not get me wrong, I love the traditional candles! I do not love is the flame soot on my walls, like a candle melt unevenly, and even the danger of a burning candle in my house (which is crowded with four children, two cats and a dog). A recent innovation in sailing technology is the battery. These candles are real, but the light is produced by the LED lamps, batteries. Special LED lights flash like a real flame, then the true meaning of candlelight. It is “pre-ignition”, in the center of the candle: an area that has been “treated” like a flame burning in wax.

​The wick is dark, and thought to have been ignited by a flame! You can get any type of battery used in candles, pillar we know and love who sails large, elegant (you can put on the table for the novel), candles and lanterns. You can also hang solar lights are used for entertainment on the deck in the afternoon. Another innovation is the U-boat sailing, including a “lily pad” candle floating in water.

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