Actually, I’m not interested in write something about myself. Nothing special about me, I just a little girl. But I want to let you know about me, so I want to introducing myself before share anything to you, as the proverb says “tak kenal maka tak sayang”.

I’m Frelia Solmarta, some of my friends call me Fure-chan. I was born on May, 7th 1993, means I’m 16 years old. My friends always tease me as “anak SD” or elementary schoolgirl because of my appearance, or maybe I looks too cute like a baby *ditabok*

Anyway, that’s a little introduction about me. If you want to know more about me, you can follow my blog or add my Facebook, hihihi 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading this blog as my random thoughts, and share with yours too.


Frelia Solmarta

UPDATE : Frelia is no longer ruler of this blog. Even her domain has gone. I, Jakuri will take over all of this. So, please enjoy.

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