Adding “Recent Post” Via RSS Feed

Every visitors of your blog always yearn about your blog update. It can be about more information, tips and tricks you posted. You’re so lucky if you have some loyal visitors.

The newest information that the visitors looiking for can be found at “Recent Post” widget. To put this widget to your blog, we can use RSS feed feature. I prefer to using feed than javascript because if I using the javascript, probably make my blog heavy to open. So, let’s go to the tutorial.

  1. Log in to your blogger, enter to “layout” menu.
  2. Add a gadget from your template. Choose Feed fearute.
  3. Give a title “Recent Post” to the title box. Then enter “”
  4. Save and you’re done. Almost forgot, replace the word “yourblogname” with your own blog name.

Good luck.

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  1. Orica says:

    Yap, this is it. Enjoy this.

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