Does Your Age Matter?

Do job applicants over the age of 35 have a chance of being hired onboard cruise ships? And, if there is a possibility of getting hired, how do you increase your chances?

“I am in my 40’s and am prepared to do anything to get onto cruise ships. Can anyone give me some help as what to apply for and that I could possibly stand a chance of getting with the age thing and all?”

Although the truth is there are certain positions on board where they just wouldn’t consider anybody over the age of about 35 (regardless of anti-discrimination laws!), there are other cruise jobs actually suited to a more mature person. Some of these jobs include Guest Lecturers, Port and Shopping Guides, Future Cruise Sales Manager and many more.

But, first of all you need to decide if you have the medical, physical and mental fitness to work at sea. Consider that all jobs expect you to work seven days a week for your whole contract. You will need to pass a very strict medical examination and you will have to work away from family and friends for numerous consecutive months.

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