Over my tender shoulder
A forest sunk in thick mist
The concealed truth
Quietly, it echoes

Burnt on my eyelids
A monochrome world
Full of black shadows entangling

In the soaring rain of light
I want everything to melt into forgiveness
My frozen sin
Resounds painfully, like a lullaby

Gently touching my memories
A tender song shakes me awake
The warm vestiges
Rustling inside my heart

In this world mingled with noise
In this dazzling vertigo
Red flower petals are falling

All those scattered hollow dreams
I want to embrace and love them all
The innocent pain left behind
Wonders till far away, like a lullaby

The blurry sky of twilight
The hazy trembling moonlight
Reflected on my wet eyes

All those broken fragments of light
I want to gather them and erase the night away
Embracing my wish, until the day I am awaken
I will continue to softly whisper, a lullaby

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