Angry Birds Transformers: Rovio has not finished with Angry Birds

Rovio has made ​​a name for Angry Birds franchise, and both say that the publisher has benefited greatly in recent years by declining his title in several versions vary according to their world. He even attacked Star Wars, it is to say! Yes, and we must believe that he was not simply because currently working on a new title developed in partnership with Hasbro : Angry Birds Transformers. Though it should not be long to land on the usual shops.

Foremost and disappoint you, know that we do not know much about this new title. Almost nothing, in fact, if anything it should fit in the line of his predecessors.
With a catapult, of course, but also great with chicken phenomenal power, chickens having power to wreak havoc all the green pigs who will cross their path. No need to change a winning team.

Except that in this case, the universe will mirror the title of the famous license with transformists robots capable of changing appearance according to their desires. With new powers to the key? It is possible, but it will be the first gameplay videos to find out.

In the margin, and if one believes Unleash the Phones, Rovio we should also reward new figures TELEPODS. The opposite would have been surprising, right?

Anyway, if you want to be kept informed of the progress of the project, the better it is still sticking up on the mini-site launched by Rovio, a mini-site that you will be able find this address and that should grow over days, weeks and even months.

Otherwise, you do not find they are a little too anyway?

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