Annoying Page Rank Update

Finally, the time has comes for I waiting about 4 months. The Google Pagerank has updated entirely. But this time I got disappointed, not because that this blog’s PR didn’t restored, but a particular reason that just make me loss. Why? An unexpected thing was happened while the PR updated, just different than I was expected before. Let’s hear my story.

One week earlier before PR update, I bought some expired domain that has PR of 3, 4, an 6 from I have a plan to optimize those domains into PTR programs. For each domain I bought, it cost $13 because they’re forged domain. But PR 3 domain is valid that I won from Godaddy auction for $25. But I must wait for about 1 week for those domains to be transferred into my account. But before that happens, Google suddenly updated the PR. Thus, the domains I bought has lost its PR to 0, except PR 3 domain that dropped to PR 2. Damn, I wan to cry because I was lost my $50 for buying the forged domains. I just too confident about issue that Google will eliminate PR system and I guess it will be longer before it happens till the end of year. In fact, Google still do PR update.

However, this update has the other benefit for my newborn blog. The got PR of 1 to 2. At least I satisfied with my works to maintain my several blogs. That’s my duty as an administrator of Sol Marta. I’m sure that your blog has obtained PR as well. Then, congratulations. If your blog still don’t have PR, don’t stop taking an effort to optimize it. Well, thanks for listening my story. Good luck.

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  1. Reyvateilia says:

    yang tabah…

  2. budiawanhutasoit says:

    don't cry frelia…jangan nangis dong..
    dengan usaha pasti nanti bisa dapet lebih dari %50..
    keep your spirit high … 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    how is it that you think you can know what Google is going to do? they do whatever they want. What- you have some kind of inside knowledge? It's all voodoo and they stack the game however they want. You think you know wtf you're talking about? You babble on like it matters about some forged domain names – nobody cares about all that crap, especially Google – they could care less.

  4. Paul Baines says:

    I'd recommend building up your own PR by exchanging links or even buying them with EC credits at the marketplace 😉

  5. Dhemz says:

    came here to drop the EC…and btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter…if you have time….your help is much appreciated….thanks!

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