Another Part Of Myself

Finally, I’ve got an idea about how to get quick page rank from my own blog. When I see that my blog’s page rank in Blogspot form still remaining, I have a plan to separate two personality between my original blog and it’s custom domain. What I’ve got was nice. A blogspot domain with pagerank of 2. All I have to do is update that blog, so I can resell it and I can earn money from it.

As I have pull the soul of this blog, it may become soulless, hahaha. But I think that’s no problem because I’m sure that this blog will get its pagerank someday. I won’t tell you how can I did it, but you should try it by yourself. Well, since this blog has dropped its pagerank, I lost so many of opportunities. Many advertisers was no longer intersted with my blog, that makes my heart hurt, hiks….I feel they just dumping me after my blog out of sweets.

I wish Google will restore my blog because I have confessed that I’m a naughty blogger. Please, have mercy. That’s all I can tell you, seeya.

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  1. Artikel Kehidupan says:

    How long have you created this blog by yourself? I have been blogging for 3 months, but I'm still low page rank. What's My problem?

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