Avira arrives with 5 GB of free online storage

Avira is a famous specialist in the German IT security company. Its main product is AntiVir, a computer virus. For my part, I have always installed it. Performance and the level of security to the fullest! So when I heard about their 5GB of online storage for free, I quickly rushed …


Avira Secure Backup: Offerings

Avira Secure Backup arrives with a free offer 5GB FYI, here is an example of what you can store:

  • 750 pictures
  • 850 songs
  • 100 videos

Avira Secure Backup also offers a pay offer. For € 49.95 you will receive 200 GB of backup. In these cases, you can store:

  • 30 000 pictures
  • 34,000 songs
  • 4000 videos

Avira Secure Backup : it’s easy!

Avira Secure Backup is an online storage solution easy to use to protect your valuable information. Transfer all your files with one click , or select a few as you want!
Where Dropbox backup only one file , Avira Secure Backup him , saves multiple folders. A simple right click on the file to send to the cloud and voila !

Avira Secure Backup : access your files at any time on all your devices

Clock access to all your files wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Avira Secure Backup is supported on PC , Mac and applications for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Avira Secure Backup : get 500MB more per invitation

As you can see in this article, I put my invitation link . So if you sign up through it , you make me earn 500 extra free online storage ! Up to 10 GB more storage with this trick ! Thank you to those who go through this link: Avira Secure Backup.

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