Azendoo, Free online task management (10 GB storage)

I do not know about you, but I can not do without my task management tool. If for my part I use Wunderlist, sometimes I test new services. Today is Azendoo which is the end of my cane. This site allows you to manage your daily tasks online. In addition, it offers 10 GB of free storage …azendoo

Azendoo: a magnificent task management online service

Azendoo lets you chat, share and save documents, keep a record of data in your organization and to organize all the work you and your team needs to complete.
Azendoo how does it work?

As usual for this kind of online service, everything starts with the free registration. Two ways present themselves to you: by mail or via a Google account. Eventually, you land on a beautiful dashboard.

You can access all the important options (available under “My Workspace”) using the left menu. You can see all the team members, topics, messages sent and received, the list of all tasks, etc.azendoo-interface

Azendoo, the power of teamwork

You can create a topic and invite team members to join. In each subject, you and the members of the team can add messages, leave comments, add tasks, or share documents. The team members can also share files and documents. Azendoo offers 10 GB of free storage!

You can connect your applications and share documents directly into Azendoo. The site supports:

azendoo-gestion-tachesAzendoo, simple management tasks

Despite all the options the site offers Azendoo, this tool is simple and fast. It took me a few minutes to take it in hand. The site offers a very clean and intuitive interface. In each subject, everything is arranged to lose as little time as possible on the organization of your tasks.

Note that Azendoo offers Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone, Android and an extension for the Chrome browser.

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