The best minimalist blogging platforms

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More and more users are getting into blogging projects. Must say that the tools available at the moment we have very short life! Blogger or WordPress are a perfect example. However, a new era is taking shape: the minimalist blogging. késako? To understand this, here are the best minimalist blogging platforms


1 . Roon

Roon is a platform simple blog . After a small free registration with an email address , you land in a clear and minimalist interface. However, this simplicity does not detract from the tool. You just find the main buttons like add an item , formatting , send a picture, etc. . When you click ” PUBLISH ” Roon automatically offer you a dialog to share your article on Facebook or Twitter.
2 . Throwww

If you for blogging with simplicity, then Throwww will become your new friend! Landing on the home page , you will find two inserts : the title and the content of the article. Throwww pushes minimalism at its peak ! The editor actually uses a lightweight markup language called Markdown . Thus, 10 buttons are present in the editor.
3 . Medium

After several months of beta invitation- phase Medium has just opened its doors to the public . This online service is an initiative created by Evan Williams, co- founder of the famous Blogger and Twitter . Medium is a publishing platform minimalist content . It includes several social functions and is closely integrated with Twitter. In addition, Medium is a collaborative platform where users can add notes.
4. Pen

Like its predecessors, Pen is simple and minimalist. After creating a page (ending in. and set a password, you can begin editing an article. A title, content, and drag and drop the images enough to shape a nice article. Too bad it lacks some sharing buttons!
5. Ghost

Ghost is a platform dedicated to one main thing: the publication. It is beautifully designed, fully customizable and completely Open Source. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog. It is simple, elegant and designed so that you focus exclusively on blogging.
Do you use a minimalist blogging platform? Do you know any other alternatives?

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