Your blog is drowning! Here are 6 tips to avoid sinking like the Titanic

Stalled? You have opened a blog and you’re not sure how to do it? Do not panic, take a deep breath, Relax yourself, it’ll be okay! Here are 6 tips to not fail in blogging


1. Work your titles

I hesitated a long time on the title of this article. I even tracked my friends and my little wife for their opinions! They had three options:

  •      “6 things that will make you fail in blogging”
  •      “6 things to watch, not to fail in blogging”
  •      “Your blog is drowning! Here are 6 tips to avoid sinking like the Titanic “

Finally, the Titanic has won! Work your title, make a list of several different tracks and adjust. Remember that the title is the most important in an article. Get advice to your loved ones on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Maintain the frequency of publication

This is certainly the most important in this list. Set up at the outset of your blog frequency of publication. Whatever you post 1, 2 or 5 articles per week, but follow this rhythm.
Not only this rate will boost you to post articles, but in addition, your readers will get used to return regularly to your blog.

3. Make your mark

Have your own style of writing. Do not go into a formatted style. Be yourself and write as you speak. Do not look for big words, no one understands! Put a little humor, but not much. Take it all with a little serious, but not too much. In short, become the Cyril Lignac blogging!

4. Invade social networks

The council will take off the number of visits to your blog. From the start, register on the largest social platforms. Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, do you need to be present. These platforms are completely free and you generate a good traffic, why deny it?

5. Be motivated

Never be pessimistic. Never show your readers that you have the blues. They are on your blog to relax or to learn, do not spend your time to cry! Show them that you want. Losing motivation? Read 20 tips for staying motivated in blogging.

6. Take care of your design

If you are hosting the WordPress platform, then you know there are many themes that allow you to customize your blog as you wish. Install one that differentiates you from the masses.

Same thing for your articles. They also deserve special attention. Put them in shape using the h2 tags, h3, bold, italic or underline. Add some pictures to decorate the whole.

In your opinion, what elements are to be monitored so as not to fail in blogging?

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