BlogBooker, turn a blog into a book!

If your blog has the bottle, then you have a bunch of articles on it. Take the example of Jakuri. This post has been open since 2009 and totaled 629 items to the time of writing his lines. Let me tell you that I will spend all day if I had fun compiling this! But BlogBooker may well change that. This little free online service allows you to turn a blog into a bookblogbooker

BlogBooker produced a book in PDF format with high quality. Archives can be generated from any blog powered by WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Blogger or Typepad.

BlogBooker, how does it work?

The operation is very simple. You submit an export file provided by your system BlogBooker blog. Your file is checked and all images, entries, and comments are imported into a beautiful PDF file. BlogBooker there poses no restrictions. You can print or sell this product.

BlogBooker, an example

On landing on the home page of BlogBooker, simply select your platform blog. Then you are free to create it according to your choice. You can select and check different options that will feed or not your book.

For example for a WordPress blog. Just go in, Dashboard Tools, Export. Select the checkbox items and click Download the export file. It’ll just send it to the BlogBooker, site!

Although the interface is not the most recent, BlogBooker, is a pleasure to use service. Simple and useful, it allows you to create a book of your blog in minutes (I have 5 minutes to do it all).

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