Bloggers and the blogs after death

What is a blog after the death of the blogger? Presumably it is something insignificant, but a blog is a bit of our life. Imagine all these articles and comments have generated heated discussions. How to leave the state? A blog about quitting is a sad spectacle! One technique is to publish an article-will that we would plan and to repel regular intervals, for example, over a week. Thus, the article will be published when you are no longer there to push back the date of publication, and your readers will know that you’re dead!

A bit macabre, but it can at least leave a memory, and it is certain that doing a buzz on the web. One could write a message like:

Dear readers, if you read this message so I’m eating dandelions by the root. For advertisers, you can stop transferring money, because my good woman could use it to buy a jagged string. I was happy to share these moments with you, even if most of the time, what I wrote were just crap. As I am not 100% believer, God has punished me by forcing me to hell to copy the Bible by hand in all the languages of the world! So farewell…

It would be really fun, you will not find? But truces depressing article, I sincerely think we should do something for all these digital lives we leave after our departure. It does not matter for social networks, as some disable the account after a few months of inactivity. And if you use a hosting personal hosting account, the hosting company will delete the blog if you do not pay their subscription.

Therefore free solutions such as or Blogger are interesting. If bloggers had their rightful place in our society, I think we should also put the years of blogging on the tombstone with the URL of the blog, because it is the least of it. And it is something gained for SEO!

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