Bloggers: Here are 10 important things you forget too often

bloggerAlthough nobody has yet found the silver bullet to the first position in search engines, there are however some tips that, once implemented, allow you to stand out.

Yet I know some bloggers (you who read me may sometimes forget the basics. This article is not a magic potion, it was written simply to put things in their place. Bloggers: Here 10 IMPORTANT things that you forget too often :

1. Extending All in One SEO Pack
This extension is the basis of optimizing a blog. This is one of the most WordPress installed extensions. Bloggers love it for its ease and perfectionism. To install ANY emergency Bloggers.

2. Keywords in the title
The title is certainly “one of the things Google, Yahoo! or Bing look first. Insert keywords and try to keep this title if possible with 60 characters.

3. A description of the item
Wow, I can already hear the kings of SEO shout at me: “the Meta Description tag is useless”. Ok, do what you want, I personally take the time to complete for each of my articles … and that’s what I suggest you do.

4. A category
Your blog must necessarily include categories. If they are not present, I invite you to add today. Every time you write an article, you will rank nicely in a category. Personally, I do not class an article in several categories.
Ten categories should suffice.

5. The keywords
How do you want your visitors come to your blog? For what keywords they will land you? Remember to take a moment to really think about it.

6. Tags images
A search engine is not yet read what he sees on an image. That is why the tags “title” and “alt” are present. Remember to properly describe your images before sending them and add the name of your image in “Alternate text”.

7. Sharing on Twitter
Twitter really is THE social network where you have to be displayed. A little buzz about an article you can shake your blog for the rest of his life!

8. Share on Facebook
Facebook has more than 850 million users. Even if not all Indonesian, you must know that 24,104,320 live our old continent.

9. Share on Google +
Ok, Google + remains a dwarf against Facebook users. Indeed, there are approximately 100 million people who appear on this social network. But we must not forget that these figures were achieved in just eight months!

10. Sharing by email
It’s been years we hear that the email is dead! Yet I’m sure many of my readers are eagerly awaiting the day tumble article in their Inbox! Do not forget to place an icon followed by mail.

11. (Bonus) The sharing of Pinterest
Pinterest is the latest social network in fashion. You can share pictures and videos as you sing. The small stuff and more is that you can paste a link on the shared images. What to bring some more traffic you!

Want to add advice? Put yourself in place all these steps before publishing an article?

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