Blogging is (not) your life

Some blogging out of passion, others to make money, and finally the last attempt to reconcile the two. What a beautiful art that you can write what you love while getting paid? But some bloggers think they are so serious that they forget to live. They believe that their blog is their life, and they are less than nothing if they do not blog.

The journey of a beginner blogger is almost the same. They began by working on the forums, and said that his opinion is of interest to others. Then they did some research on technical solutions, and without even realizing it, they own a domain name and web hosting. Where appropriate, he uses free solutions to not be bothered.

Then they wrote his first articles, they wait, they wrote and waiting … Suddenly one day, someone said to him, and they saw the visitors start to arrive. They mistakenly thinks they are gaining in importance and becomes influential in its theme. It is as if struck by lightning and says that everything is possible. But real life is not to write an article a day, and monitor if there will be hundreds of retweet. That distorts the whole opinion, and the inevitable fall will be even more brutal. There were many bloggers in the past, and there are probably writing their first paper at the time you read this. But we notice that some bloggers abandon famous overnight when he creates something more intimate with few subscribers. What happened, where is this perpetual search of glory?

I think they realized that it was all so futile. Find new ideas every morning, promoting their blog on Twitter and Facebook, among other comments. It is unfortunate that sometimes take years to spoil anything. I am not suggesting that the blog serves no purpose, but we tend to overestimate its importance in our lives. I once talked to my mentor who became rich through his blogs. A few weeks ago, at a conference, he said he had neglected to care for her son who had dislocated his shoulder because he was too busy writing for thousands of people.

Fortunately, the Indonesian blogosphere is not as extreme just because very few can earn a living from their blog. But that could happen to bloggers mad because he thinks that an item is more important than anything else. Sometimes I write a very good article, yet I still see some of my online bills is not paid yet because I’m too busy to document myself. That feeling hit me full force a few months ago, and I said stop, enough! It is time to think a little about real life.

An American blog has launched a survey on professional bloggers. They were asked how long they spent on holidays each year. One of them replied that he had not gone on vacation for 8 years and worked 7d/7d. Oh! It is true he is a max of dough, but what is it? Forget your dreams of glory and wealth, bloggers, life is not as easy as writing a simple article. Millions of people enjoy every moment of their lives without having read a single line of a blog, so maybe it’s time to join them … for a while! Hahaha…I’ll just tech you about despair of being a blogger XD

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