Blogging or not blogging! 12 reasons to have your own blog

bloggingI woke up today with a core of Shakespeare. But unlike Hamlet’s character, I decided to swap the drama against blogging! Exchange funny you say. However, I think I managed this little hocus-pocus.

Blogging or not blogging! Here are 12 reasons to have your own blog

  1. A blog adds content: images, videos and podcasts, you can share your thoughts, advice and resources on various topics with your readers.
  2. A blog is easy to use: you do not need any technical knowledge to get you started on the adventure. The “HTML” means nothing to you? No panic, no need to pay a designer. As you know typing on a keyboard, that’s enough!
  3. A blog is quickly referenced: as they are updated regularly, blogs have the power to quickly reference spam by search engines.
  4. A blog is interactive: a blog can encourage your feedback on articles. People get to know you. If you’re in marketing, it’s ideal.
  5. A blog offers an RSS feed: perfect to alert your readers to a new article.
  6. A blog facilitates sharing on social networks: your content is powered on Twitter, Facebook, and others in seconds. Hardly an article that may create a little buzz via social networks.
  7. A blog allows you to target: you’re in a precise niche? While blogging can generate traffic. Simply targeting the right people.
  8. A blog is a source of information: I did not give you exact figures, but be aware that there are about 1.6 million articles written on blogs every day for about 150 million blogs internet. At this rate there, there is necessarily a car Information!
  9. A blog back faithful readers: if they have an attractive design, content worthy of the name and be friendly, you will often find your faithful readers.
  10. A blog to stay connected with your family: Imagine you are traveling or want to share the latest pictures of your dear little darlings, the blog is a great place for this kind of process.
  11. A blog reflects your expertise: specialize yourself in a precise niche and you’ll be seen as the expert in this area! Behind, you can sell products or offer your services.
  12. A blog earns you money: do we have to face facts, a blog can bring you some pepettes! Of course, you will require hard work to qualify the success! For my part, I chose two styles of compensation: Google Adsense (since I have a good traffic) and sales training.

In your opinion, blogging or not blogging?

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