Blogging: What a great content?

tips-for-great-blog-postAll bloggers will tell you that we must write good content for a successful blog, but what is its definition? How does one determine a good content? Does the text must be long or short? Simple or complex? Despite the fact that we can create a profile for great content, we can talk about key issues that determine the excellence of content on the Web.

Good content is too subjective a good book or good music. I can hate the Magic Flute by Mozart while you can love it, and I love Celtic music as much as you hate. Good content depends on the theme of the blog, but also the approach that actually. Even readers will react differently to an article, some say it is excellent, and others say it is crap.

A unique and useful content

The first point on which everyone agrees is a good content must be unique. But what does this mean? There is a misconception that original content or unique are the same thing, then they are just similar. Original content is just an article that is not a duplicate content, so that Google does not mark it as such. Unique content is an article that explains things differently, it leaves trails cleared by others in his world wonder.

In addition to the different approach, the content must be useful, basically, your readers should learn something. Thus reports that collect information in one place are successful. For example, an article that lists free hosts is not necessarily unique, but it is useful, because you avoid the readers to go fishing for info.

A single information may take different forms, and each blogger has his style as:

  • Entertaining – The blogs have become famous and entertaining their readers while helping them to solve their problems. People love to chat, laugh on a subject, the more the merrier and merrier.
  • Educational – Bloggers teach readers with specific topics. Maitre Eolas is one of the best bloggers, because it takes the trouble to explain the complexity of the law for ordinary mortals. Even the comments of his blog is an excellent standard, because we feel that the blogger is an authority in his field.
  • Information – Some provide information about a specific topic, but rather than teach, they inform on the latest industry news. During the crisis of 2009, blogs on finance have increased exponentially of visits. People wanted information to the source leaves to deceive thereafter.
  • Controversy – Some people start a blog to argue, criticize and debate at all costs. This type of blog is very interactive, because the hot topics always provoke reactions. However, it sometimes falls into the vulgar attack just to buzz, and it breaks the charm.
  • News – They are eager bloggers who spend their days tracking down any news to put on their blog. It’s a technique like any other, but the investment of time will always be greater than expected benefits. In addition, blogs News fought through social networks, but if you feel like it, why not?
  • Community – For some, the blog is a way to communicate. This is particularly the case for the peace corps who travel a lot. They publish their articles by mail, and the result is very authentic. The community is the basis of blogging, but for some it is the very reason why they have launched their blog.

Now if you accumulate more of these styles to your blog, it is obvious that you will have success.

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