Bridal Shower Card

When I feel in love with someone and make a decision to making a prosperous family, I have to make a wedding party. To make everyone know about our marriage, I need to spread an invitation to them. Hahaha, I still to young to think about this planning so far, but nothing wrong with this because everyone have love. Back to topic, a wedding invitation become one of major concern of wedding plan. To me, just a simple and looks as cute bridal shower invitations. It can be like this :
That’s my preferred design of bridal shower cards. I have to be precious-looked with what I want my invitation sent to my friends.

However, I must be wisely to control the budget for such requirement. For this consideration, I just discovered a website that offers cheap bridal invitations for low price. There so many card design that may interesting for you. That’s a relief, I just found some perfect design of bridal shower with nice font design. If you want to get married, just visit at and find your preferred invitation design. Feel free to visit it.

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  1. exelinca says:

    HAhaha, kecil2 dah mikir kawin? Ingat umur dong, U kan masih SD.

  2. Administrator Frelia says:

    BIarin. Ore emang anak SD *nangis*

  3. Orica says:

    Welcome, Administrator frelia. Akhirnya mau juga nulis lagi.

  4. I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations.”–

  5. Skye Hussain says:

    i do most wedding invitations on photoshop and also on MS Word-~~

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