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Happy Apps, to easily monitor failures of a website or application

A good webmaster must keep an eye on his/her sites. In case of failure, it allows them to intervene quickly. While many solutions exist, all are not equal. Some flood alerts you and others are incomprehensible! Happy Apps is a new online service. It allows you to easily monitor failures of a website or an […]

Increase productivity on the Internet through Toggl

One of the best ways to increase productivity on the Internet is to start with control! Ok Einstein, but how does it work? It’s very simple. Toggl is a new free online service that allows you to time and analyze everything you do on the Internet. Try to put yourself facing a time and you […], a pleasant and different task manager

With the lives we lead today, it is essential to have a tool for managing tasks. Organize his life, his work, or his projects is a must. This is why you see more and more online tools. For my part, I have used for years Remember The Milk and Omnifocus. But I like to try […]

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