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Mega is not the new MegaUpload! The fierce fight against piracy

While some already saw Mega as the new MegaUpload, creators of file hosting online service prove otherwise. Indeed, more and more companies are betting on the transparency of their reporting. Mega joined the trend by publishing its data for the first time since its inception in January 2013. It may be noted that a fierce […]

Send Anywhere, send and share files from any computer, mobile and tablet

The mall is usually sufficient when it comes to share a file. Yet it sometimes happens to exceed the storage limit. In these cases, we must once again turn to the Web. Send Anywhere is a new online service that offers to send and share files from any computer, mobile and tablet …

Zonerama, free web space and unlimited for your photos

It is not always easy to find the perfect place to store photos. DVD and USB key is outdated, it is time to turn to the Internet. For my part, I use Joomeo years. Although the service is paying for my use, I have no complaints. However, other alternatives are available. This is particularly the […]

“Cloud”: 10 tools that allow you to have your head in the clouds!

The concept of cloud storage (“Cloud“) is used to allow you to register online data digitally rather than on your computer or on an external device such as a USB drive or CD. Save, sync and share to access their data anywhere is now the daily each user. Here are 10 tools that allow you […]

Simplenote: Online Notes Manager – Free Alternative to Evernote

Internet offers incredible tools. Personally, I like to use different services taking notes. If Google Drive is my main tool, I also use Evernote. However, other sites offers to manage your online note. This is for example the case with Simplenote, a nice free alternative to Evernote …

Photodrop as an alternative to Imgur for image sharing

Put things in their place: Imgur is an online service that provides a simple and free way to share photos with friends. Photodrop is a new free service that can be considered as an alternative to Imgur. In fact, you can download one or more image (s) by simply dragging and dropping. Thereafter, Photodrop allows […]

65 free online services to store and share files

Storage and file sharing on the Internet has an important place in Jakuri’s Blog. Must say that with a blog name like this, I always have to talk about it! There are dozens (hundreds?) Online service. I regularly turn deals with various articles. Today I decided to compile everything and give you (on a silver […]

5 free apps for perfecting Dropbox

Despite the power of the site, Dropbox is not perfect. The online storage provides a tool that allows you to have all your documents in the cloud storage. However, a few more options would not be too much! I invite you to discover these five free apps for Dropbox perfect …

5 sites to send large files over the Internet

If you follow Jakuri blog for a while, you know that there are many tools on the Internet that will facilitate the sharing of small files. The problem is when these files begin to weigh! To have a good storage tank in the cloud, here are 5 sites to send large files over the Internet […]

RealPlayer Cloud, record the videos in the cloud to find them anywhere

Want to watch on your TV for videos stored on your phone? Or maybe you have videos on your PC that you’d like to watch on your tablet. Send your videos using RealPlayer Cloud applications to make them available on your Windows computer, your Android device, iPhone, iPad, or in the most popular browsers …

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