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Put Social Bookmarking Widget On Your Blog

There’s no doubt that social bookmarking is very important for increase traffic and enhance your blog/website status. By submitting our blog to some social bookmarking sites, we can have the chance to promote our article and possibility that more people know about our blog from those social bookmarks. We can also get free backlink from […]

Put “Translator Widget” To Your Blog

Putting “translator widget” is very useful for your blog. This can be used when a visitor for foreign country find your blog and they don’t understand about your language. So, they can use this widget to translate into their own language. This widget is powered by Google and support most of language in the world […]

Make “Recent Comments” Widget For Your Blog

To put “recent comments” widget is used for make your visitors know about anyone who has given us a comment in one of our blog post. You can put this widget at your blog main page. This is the code for it : <script style=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script style=”text/javascript”>var a_rc=8;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=40;</script><script src=””> </script> The 8 […]

Basic Learn About HTML

A web/blog will not separated with an element called HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up), because the HTML is definetly blog elements. ALthough you can make a post just by clicking and choosing quick-menu, at least you must be understand about HTMl basically. This time, I want you to learn some important codes, tags, and much […]

Make a “Moving Text” (Marquee)

making an attractive blog is a desire of the bloggers. All of that for the sake of the precious visitors. One way to make your blog more attractive is your ability to make your text “moving”. This is called Marquee. Usually we can find any posts with “moving text” at some business site. Thhat’s to […]

How To Add Icon (Favicon) for You Blog

If you noticed at your tab browser and there is a small icon at left-side of the browser, that’s called favicon. Just like this screenshot that snap my own blog. Maybe my icon is bad, but that is it. If you using blogspot, your icon must be Blogspot icon because you are about using they […]

Tips to Edit Blog HTML

If you have intention to edit your blog HTML, sometimes you must be encountered some problems, moreover if you are still beginner. No matter is that about difficulties to find certain code, unable to save your HTML, etc. This time, I want to teach you how to handle, at least to reduce your problems which […]

Making “Snowfall” Effect to Your Blog

When the winter is coming, you will see the snowfall from your window. It’s beautiful, like the song “Nevicata” by Akiko shikata, I think. Now have you ever imagine if you see the snowfall on your blog? Really, you can make it by add some HTML code. It’s so simple. This is the tutorial : […]

Setting Blogger Custom Domain Using Namecheap

As you’re all know, this blog is no longer using Blogspot domain. It’s directly Sorry, I don’t mean to be narcist, but that’s my own domain *digampar*. Yesterday, one of my friend who want to make her own domain name asked me how to setup from Blogspot to .com using namecheap. She bought a […]

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