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How to switch between multiple Twitter accounts without logging

For users who, like me, have multiple Twitter accounts, it is always a constraint of having to disconnect to connect to another account. Even if the operation takes only a few seconds, it quickly becomes boring! Thom Seddon had to be in the same case. This is what has certainly pushed to create Twitcher, superb […]

How to get more subscribers and “Like” on Instagram [Infographic]

Is there a science to get more followers or “Like” on Instagram? This is a question that Dan Zarrella arose. For him, the tips are simple to have more impact on Instagram: use hashtags, do not put filters to your photos, use a call to action (“reviewing” or “like”), do not change too your photos, […]

Azendoo, Free online task management (10 GB storage)

I do not know about you, but I can not do without my task management tool. If for my part I use Wunderlist, sometimes I test new services. Today is Azendoo which is the end of my cane. This site allows you to manage your daily tasks online. In addition, it offers 10 GB of […]

5 sites to download on YouTube

You do not know how to download YouTube videos? I have already presented some Firefox and Google Chrome extension to download on YouTube and I’m sure some of you are using it! History add some tools to this list, I have created a small collection of 5 sites to download YouTube videos …

Sex in the digital age: social networks accelerate sex!

Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines are lent to a study naughty! From the results, it seems that men and women communicate via social networking, instant messaging and SMS have sex much faster than the other …

Social Analytics, a Chrome extension for your statistics of social networks

The fans of social networks are always looking for any number of interest. Take the example of a Community Manager. He must constantly check that the promotion of its brand is doing well. Today I will make your life easier by integrating a tool directly into the Chrome browser: Social Analytics …

Google adds new features to Google Forms

Create forms with Google is possible. If you are looking to plan events, send a survey, or easily gather additional information, then Google Forms is positioned as a major component. Although this tool is already practiced, Google does not want to stop there way. This is what proves the search giant adding some attractive features […]

Google Takeout offers a new interface and backup to Google Drive

Google has made ​​some changes to its Google Takeout platform. The service receives a new and more intuitive than the previous edition user interface. There is also a new feature that will appeal to many Google users: You can now export your backup on Google Drive …

Top 30 of the most popular social networks

What are the most popular social networks in the world? The following table, in short, what are the social platforms that host more users. Note some interesting facts as second in YouTube and sixth in Twitter. Also, be aware that in two years, Google has quintupled its number of users, while LinkedIn has grown 160%. […]

9 tips for finding the right information on Google

For most Internet users, Google is the place to find the right information they need. However, with the enormous amount of information that the famous search engine offers quantity, it is not always easy to find what we want. The infographic below shows 9 tips for finding the right information on Google. Do you know […]

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