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Google adds new features to Google Forms

Create forms with Google is possible. If you are looking to plan events, send a survey, or easily gather additional information, then Google Forms is positioned as a major component. Although this tool is already practiced, Google does not want to stop there way. This is what proves the search giant adding some attractive features […]

Google Takeout offers a new interface and backup to Google Drive

Google has made ​​some changes to its Google Takeout platform. The service receives a new and more intuitive than the previous edition user interface. There is also a new feature that will appeal to many Google users: You can now export your backup on Google Drive …

9 tips for finding the right information on Google

For most Internet users, Google is the place to find the right information they need. However, with the enormous amount of information that the famous search engine offers quantity, it is not always easy to find what we want. The infographic below shows 9 tips for finding the right information on Google. Do you know […]

Search Engine: 11 alternatives beside Google

Google is the absolute search engine in Indonesia and in many countries around the world. And let’s be honest, it still works very well. So why would you want to change? Primarily by personal motivation: global espionage use of your personal data … Well, leaving Google is almost seen as a militant act. But where […]

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