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How to get more subscribers and “Like” on Instagram [Infographic]

Is there a science to get more followers or “Like” on Instagram? This is a question that Dan Zarrella arose. For him, the tips are simple to have more impact on Instagram: use hashtags, do not put filters to your photos, use a call to action (“reviewing” or “like”), do not change too your photos, […]

5 valuable tips for Instagram

Instagram is the social network of photography excellence. Even when he spent many years exclusively on iPhone, it was incredibly popular. Instagram has made ​​the leap to impose on Android and also improved its online version. Instagram has left virtually no chance to compete. So much so that Facebook bought it for a billion dollars! […]

Gramblr, send photos to Instagram from Mac or PC

The social network photo sharing Instagram is becoming increasingly popular. You can share your photos, apply filters, comment. Instagram is designed for mobile use. Understand is that if you do not have the app, you can do nothing! The deal has been changed with Gramblr, a free application that lets you send photos to Instagram […]

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