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Mentor College, the International Marine Hotel Training

MENTOR COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL MARINE HOTEL TRAINING is a not-for-profit educational institution founded in 1969 whose purpose to teach skills that will allow each students to obtain international employment. For more than 30 years Mentor College has been preparing students for International employment in the cruise line industries in America, Europe and Asia in the food, […]

5 Facts You Need to Know about Each Cruise Line

Finding a way to put your cover letter on top of the pile or make your interview stand out from the others can be as simple as doing a little research ahead of time. Which facts about a cruise line should you inject into your cover letter? How do you seal the deal during your […]

Most Important Element of Cruise Ship Resumes

Job applicants spend hours and maybe days tweaking their resumes, looking for grammatical errors, and adjusting the content. But employers may not read the whole resume because of one shortfall, The Career Objective. This is one of the most important elements of the resume, because if it interests the reader, they’ll read further. If it […]

How to Get an IT Job on a Cruise Ship

As information technology on cruise ships is evolving, the demand for IT jobs onboard has too. So what are these cruise jobs all about and how do you go about getting one? Just as on land, a cruise ship has a need for a myriad of computer-savvy crew. At one end of the spectrum they […]

5 essential qualities every cruise job seeker needs

If you’re applying for jobs on cruise ships then it’s important to demonstrate in your applications that you possess particular qualities that make you suitable for living and working on a cruise ship. These are the essential qualities that most cruise ship recruiters will be looking out for in every application, cover letter and CV […]

What NOT to Put on Your Cruise Ship Resume!

As you prepare your cruise ship resume, here are some tips to keep in mind. Resumes of the past used to list things like age, gender, marital status and hobbies. Today’s resumes should not. Why? For one, they take up a lot of valuable space at the top of your CV. You literally have SECONDS […]

Does Your Age Matter?

Do job applicants over the age of 35 have a chance of being hired onboard cruise ships? And, if there is a possibility of getting hired, how do you increase your chances? “I am in my 40’s and am prepared to do anything to get onto cruise ships. Can anyone give me some help as […]

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