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Over 100 000 photos of NASA breathtaking

If you like the pictures of the space while NASA will brighten your day. The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space has unveiled a huge photo library: 138 000! These sources come from photos taken by Hubble, JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), and Apollo missions, including. NASAImages, The site has been created by Luna Imaging. It […]

This camera can do 360-degree panoramic videos

The 360cam could become the first HD camera panning 360 degrees in the world. And besides, it is a French company that was the idea! The French company Giroptic just funded via the KickStarter website, a project of camera capable of capturing and disseminating photos and videos in HD 360 degrees. The device, simply called […]

18 online services to take care of your photos for this summer

Summer is fast approaching. Who says the sun necessarily mean burst pictures. Whether at sea, on the page, in the mountains or abroad, you will heat your camera as ever. Must say that you should not miss your wonderful holiday. To prepare you better, here 18 online services to take care of your photos for […]

5 online services to create a free morphing

The morphing is usually used to transform a face into another. In general, the technique is to select points on the first image (eg, eyes, nose, and mouth), and select the corresponding points on the second image. Here, no brainer. You send your photo and the website offers you a result. Here are 5 online […]

ipernity, store photos and videos for free

Pictures and videos are priceless. The loss would be a tragedy for you. With all services available today, you can now store everything on the Internet (in the cloud). ipernity is a website that allows you to organize your thousands of photos and all your memories to build over time in a single space and […]

Web Camera360, edit a photo online

Today, there are a large number of image editors that allow you to edit and apply effects to your photos. Whether online , on your computer or on your smartphone , you now have a choice. Web Camera360 is a new service that allows you to edit a photo online … Incoming search terms:Camera 360 […]

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