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Finding the Right Soldering Equipment

There is a difference between welding and soldering, though many people use the terms interchangeably. Welding involves melting two materials and fusing them. Soldering does not involve melting the material itself. Instead, some kind of filler material like tin, silver, aluminum or lead is melted and coats the two materials that are being joined. As […]

Keep Track of Your Kids with At Home Drug Test

Employers often use drug screening as a prerequisite for employment. They offer workers jobs on a contingency basis, and those who cannot pass the test will lose the position. Employers also use testing as a way to determine whether an employee used drugs or alcohol prior to suffering an injury on the job. While testing […]

How to Replace Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are an integral part of any cabinet, dresser, or other piece of furniture that offers drawers. Typically made of plastic or metal, a drawer slide enables a drawer to glide in and out of its enclosure without friction. When a drawer glide begins to wear out or otherwise break, you’ll know: drawers will […]

How to Store and Move Liquids

To pump a liquid out of the ground, into your car or any one place to another, that fluid needs to be moved by force. Gravity doesn’t help when trying to extract oil or gas out of the ground and it could flow at an uncontrollable rate if gas or any other liquid is tipped […]

Should You Outsource Telecom Management?

When a business spends a large chunk of their budget on telecommunication expenses, they have the option of hiring a team of professionals to figure out how to cut costs. When you can do this effectively, you increase your profits and employee productivity. Modern technology gives you many options when it comes to telecommunications, but […]

Extrusion and Molding Processes In Manufacturing

To successfully mass produce a consumer product, there are several important manufacturing challenges that must be overcome. Prototype models have to be molded and then tested. After the prototype, models from custom materials are made in small quantities. At such a stage, the products are ready for a test market. Actual consumers may be surveys […]

Technology Makes All the Difference

Technology is the best way for a company to improve production and save money. If your company is in the service industry, being able to get more done in less time allows you to help more customers in a single day. The ability to attract new clients improves your ability to make money and increase […]

An innovative printing solution

Businesses operating in the digital age need to properly manage all aspects of their documents through traditional devices and computers. Printing, copying and faxing are done frequently in office settings. However, the costs of these tasks can add up quickly and put strain on any business budget. Using multifunction systems allows businesses to print, copy, […]

Keybr, a free site to learn how to type faster on the keyboard

Working on a computer requires an intense workout typing. People who come to write with their ten fingers without looking at their screens are real magicians! For my part, I do not do that in the rules of art. If you also type with two fingers, then Keybr can become your new friend! This free […]

Nitro Cloud, free online conversion service

I’m not the kind of guy to install software on a computer 50. I’m used to open a document or with an appropriate Web service, either by converting. Nitro Cloud is a free online conversion. So far, more than 79 million documents have been converted …

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