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Keybr, a free site to learn how to type faster on the keyboard

Working on a computer requires an intense workout typing. People who come to write with their ten fingers without looking at their screens are real magicians! For my part, I do not do that in the rules of art. If you also type with two fingers, then Keybr can become your new friend! This free […]

Nitro Cloud, free online conversion service

I’m not the kind of guy to install software on a computer 50. I’m used to open a document or with an appropriate Web service, either by converting. Nitro Cloud is a free online conversion. So far, more than 79 million documents have been converted …

MultCloud, manage online storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive …)

Storage services online are now more numerous. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. This is probably why you have several … like me! This is frankly not easy to switch from one service to another. That is why MultCloud will centralize your data to manage your services online storage …

7 free websites to store PDF files online

PDF is a standard format on the Internet. The “Portable Document Format” has the specificity to preserve the formatting of a file: fonts writings, images, graphic objects, etc.. If you are looking for a place to have them directly on the Internet, here are 7 free sites to store PDF files online …

7 free online photo storage services

Have you ever lost photos? A hard disk crash. A virus. An error on your part. Me it has happened to me. And I can assure you that losing pictures of her children, it hurts! After this error, I immediately saved my photos on the Internet. The service that I trusted for years: Joomeo. You […]

Gratisography, a free collection of high-resolution photos

The pictures you find on Google Images are not free for all. They generally belong to their authors and must obtain permission to use them. If your last personal project you need photos, it is best to go through websites that offer no rights. This is particularly the case Gratisography, a free collection of high […]

5 tips to view web pages without internet connection

We live in a world where we are always connected to the Internet. Whether at home, at work or in the street, the evolution of technology allows us to have Internet anywhere! But the truth is that when we no longer have connection, we note that something is missing. History to take some precautions before […]

Surfly, a free online service to surf more on the Internet

Even if for you internet looks simple, for others it is probably not the same thing! Learn how to create a mail, sign up on social networks, use of websites, some people can block. In these cases, it is sufficient to find a generous person to give a lil hand. But instead make it move, […]

10 sites to resize photo online

On most sites, social networks and forums, we ask you to resize your photos. Your avatar or profile photo to go through the “cutting” box. Also, no need to have the latest software in the mode to make this small change. Internet is big enough to find the right tools. Proof with these 10 sites […]

Web Camera360, edit a photo online

Today, there are a large number of image editors that allow you to edit and apply effects to your photos. Whether online , on your computer or on your smartphone , you now have a choice. Web Camera360 is a new service that allows you to edit a photo online … Incoming search terms:Camera 360 […]

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