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Instapage to create a sales page (Landing Page) quickly

If you sell a product on the Internet you necessarily know the famous “landing page“. This “sales page” is required to present your product (ebook, video training, etc.) to make money. The problem is that you generally have good technical knowledge to a satisfactory result. Instapage is a free online service that will simplify your […]

The blogger is not a whore

Blogger life is filled with interesting experience I can see for almost 8 years here and elsewhere. The first people with whom I communicate directly are firstly other bloggers, then my readers can come in third place, advertisers and advertising agencies.

5 signs which show that starting a blog is like becoming a parent

I am a mom with one daughter. A girl who has been one year-old. Since 2013, a new life began with the birth of my daughter. I became responsible (I think) and very proud to be a “mama”. It was in 2008 that made debut adventure Jakuri. After 5 years of blogging, I realize that […]

5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog

A negative comment can quickly escalate a blog. Your readers, or even you’re probably not prepared for this kind of event. A heated debate is a step that every blogger knows sooner or later. The key is to know how to manage. Here are 5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog ..

5 tips to start your beauty blogging in 2014

The year 2013 has just ended a few days ago and it is time to look behind you. Successes, failures, organization, objectives, what are your plans for 2014? To guide you, here are 5 tips to start your 2014 beauty blogging …

The best minimalist blogging platforms

More and more users are getting into blogging projects. Must say that the tools available at the moment we have very short life! Blogger or WordPress are a perfect example. However, a new era is taking shape: the minimalist blogging. k├ęsako? To understand this, here are the best minimalist blogging platforms …

Throwww, a single blogging platform

Today, more nobody wants to take the lead to set up its platform blog. Many of you choose simplicity. And you’re right! Between updates, maintenance, optimization, and all the troubles that come with a blog takes a lot of commitment. Throwww is a new platform for blogging. The advantage? It is very simple …

The method to build a blog in 5 minutes

People often ask me how I managed to hold the shock to write one article per day. Apart from an organization with onions, I also have a technique that has frankly nothing secret but once well established, you can build a blog in 5 minutes! Here is the method to follow …

5 signs that show that your blog is adrift

Starting a blog is not very complicated. Continue is a little less! If you feel that your blog is going in the wrong direction, then it is high time to redress the balance. First thing to do: find the loopholes. This is what I propose to do with these five signs that show that your […]

5 Free alternatives for FeedBurner

Google announced end of May 2011 will cease FeddBurner API October 20, 2012. Since October 2, Adsense has been removed from the stream. July 26, 2012, Google closed the Twitter FeedBurner account in a short message, but concise. Question: What is the future of FeedBurner? Many of us ask ourselves the same question. Knowing that […]

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