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Instapage to create a sales page (Landing Page) quickly

If you sell a product on the Internet you necessarily know the famous “landing page“. This “sales page” is required to present your product (ebook, video training, etc.) to make money. The problem is that you generally have good technical knowledge to a satisfactory result. Instapage is a free online service that will simplify your […]

10 Tips to do when changing WordPress theme

Well, you may have noticed, literally changed up! New theme, new logo, this situation can quickly turn into a nightmare. So, here are 10 tips to make when changing WordPress theme …

24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog

Managing a blog effectively is not given to everyone. Yet, with a little organization and rules, you can actually give your maximum. Success is nothing to play! To help you grow your small platform here 24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog …

Optimize your images with SEO Friendly Image plugin

Optimizing images of a blog is a very important thing. Many people use Google images to find specific. Optimization can of course be done manually (by adding the appropriate tags) but it would take a lot of time. Fortunately, SEO Friendly Image plugin is responsible to fill automatically. As we are all lazy, I’m sure […]

What is the best cache plugin for WordPress?

Old but gold! Your blog becomes slower, it is a fact. And since Google takes into account the loading speed of your site in the ranking of results you are looking for any little trick to reduce the loading time. A combination is to install a cache plugin saving queries, and increase display speed. Problem, […]

WordPress: Should we choose a premium theme?

Our favorite blogging tool WordPress can have so-called pay issues. That is to say, it is possible to have many complete themes for a few euros, or a few dollars. Some are rather favorable to this process, others do not. Paid themes are sometimes more complete than others, but it is also possible to find […]

60 WordPress themes for free download

It happens regularly make you want to change on his blog, of course, the first thing to change is the theme. Unfortunately, finding one that will make you a man (or a woman huh ^ ^) happy (to) is not an easy to do! Fortunately, some sites take time to develop lists of beautiful themes. […]

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