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WordPress SEO is an extension that allows you to integrate your blog, a complete package of SEO. Easy to use, once activated, you just go in the pages of options of the extension for you account for his power. There are eight sections of advanced optimizations to your blog. You can for example manage the titles and meta data, an overview of the “snippet”, which is the description of the page in the results of search engines, data management robots, but also in terms the site of your WordPress blog.

The optimization of titles!

WordPress SEO facilitates the modification of articles and titles of your pages. A live preview of the “snippet” which is actually a preview of your page in search engines, particularly Google. This allows testing the significance of your title, description and keywords important. It is possible to bold certain elements of the description to get a real insight in a simple Google search.

Optimizing the visibility index!

WordPress SEO allows you to configure, optimized and targeted way, to define which pages to index and accompanying status of search engines. This defines the attribute “nofollow” or “noindex” for a specific category or keyword. The “Canonical” is also supported and a breadcrumb.

The optimization and clean permalinks!

WordPress SEO can re-direct address various errors related to the internal pagination of public articles of your blog. For this, a check box is in options page of the extension. The types of error “/ 2” of your items are then corrected.

Optimized site maps!

WordPress SEO allows management plans developed sites. You can select the types of personalized content to include or exclude. Creating a site map for the “News” Google is also possible. A dynamic test is there to verify the proper operation of your server and access rights.

Optimizing and managing your information flow!

WordPress SEO simplifies adding custom content in your information flow. You can then enter the name of the article, a link to it, describe the author of the article or whatever you want to appear.

Back to Contents Importing existing data!

WordPress SEO allows you, via its options page, import existing data extensions “All In One Seo Pack” or “Headspace 2”. It is also recommended deleting the old data extensions not to have duplicates.

Editing indexes and optimization of the header!

WordPress SEO also easy modification of file “robots.txt” and “. Htaccess” in your WordPress installation. The header of your blog is also cleaned, but if you enabled the option.

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