Choosing the right brand name

brandingThe name of the product / service is particularly important on the Internet, being the product / service. The brand must have a name of its own and not a generic name. Like a traditional marketing strategy, you must build a strong brand with its own identity and own personality. If a generic brand does not work in the physical world, it will not work on Internet.

Is what you would call a brand of clothing “Clothing”, a brand of toothpaste “Toothpaste” bank “Bank” or a grocery “Grocery”? No? While no website,, or please! The goal of Branding is to engrave the name of the brand in the mind of the consumer, whether or not the Internet. So do not take the name of the product of your brand.

Your brand name should have the following eight characteristics:

  • Short and easy to spell
  • Simple (if possible, use just a few letters of the alphabet)
  • Suggests the product to which it belongs
  • Unique and memorable
  • Converts the visual symbols and words have rhythm
  • Easily communicable and encourages word-of-mouth (do not mix letters and numbers)
  • Shocking and surprising – causing emotions (hotmail …)
  • Custom, if possible

On the Internet, there is no place for the second category. Try to be first into the heads of consumers and establish a dominant position by creating a new category. I know it’s easier said than done! Try to focus more closely on your target and to specialize in order to please a segment of the market. After all, you can make everyone pleased! This is already a good starting point.Sponsored Post XD

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