“Cloud”: 10 tools that allow you to have your head in the clouds!

The concept of cloud storage (“Cloud“) is used to allow you to register online data digitally rather than on your computer or on an external device such as a USB drive or CD. Save, sync and share to access their data anywhere is now the daily each user. Here are 10 tools that allow you to have your head in the clouds …cloud-nuages

  1. How does the “cloud computing” and why you should use it
  2. CloudConvert: the best free online service to convert a file.
  3. My Music Cloud: to play music online and offline.
  4. MultCloud: to manage its online storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc.).
  5. CloudKafe: a magnificent service to centralize and organize online content.
  6. Nitro Cloud: free online conversion service.
  7. RealPlayer Cloud: save his videos in the cloud to find them anywhere.
  8. Cloudfogger: encrypt files on Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and others.
  9. Dropmark: share photos, videos and documents in the cloud.
  10. Cloud Save: save its files in the “cloud” by right-clicking!

Bonus: the 10 best applications of storage in the cloud (cloud)

This is a small digest of all that I have written on Jakuri. Of course you can add all the services that are related to the “cloud” in the comments below …

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