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Using Entrecard for driving Alexa rank is one of the most effective way for me. By register your blog and put Entrecard widget on mt blog, I got my new blog’s Alexa rank that previously about 9 millions was changed to 900.000 in 3 days. Wow, so effective and efficient I think. Thus, nothing is impossible to get a good Alexa rank for your blog. You need to do something. The following tips would help you to ‘drive’ your blog traffic :

Join to Entrecard by clicking here (If you haven’t joined yet)
Make your Entrecard account for free, submit your blog and put the widget on your blog.

Install the Entrecard toolbar
This toolbar is very useful to help you in finding the other blogs that has Entrecard widget. Click here to get it. The Entrecard toolbar will be like this :

Drop Entrecard
After the toolbar successfully installed, enter your Entrecard username and password to begin. Choose which blog would you like to optimize.
It’s time to drop Entrecard. Dropping is a kind of blogwalking, but more simple and practical. By the toolbar, you can choose a blog category you want to drop. Click double-triangle button and 1o tabs will opened. Then, start to drop on each blog in the following 10 tabs.

On any blog you visit, click “drop” button on Entrecard widget. You can close the tab after the word “Thanks!” appear.

When you dropping Entrecard to another blog, you earned credits for each drop you made. The credits will be useful for us to advertise to the others. Enter Campaign menu, choose the blog category you like to advertise. Then, you are ready to advertise.

Usually we will get back drop or visited by another Entrecard user as we have dropped on their widget. More drop, more traffic you will get. Just try and you’ll get your Alexa rank increased. Good luck.

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  1. Mizé says:

    I recently found your blog trough EC. Welcome to the club 🙂
    I´ve been a part of EC family since June 2008. Thanks for returning my drops.
    EC works for my Alexa rank too. Many EC bloggers have Alexa toolbar installed on their PC´s. You just need to find those blogs which have the Alexa widget and drop consistently.
    Regards, Mizé.

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