Dropmark: share photos, videos and documents in the cloud!

I love discovering new services on Jakuri. Test them and if they are worth a look, there do an article on it. Dropmark is my latest find. In a clean, ultra simple interface, you’ll share photos, videos and documents in the cloud …dropmark

Dropmark features the now famous “drag and drop”. Share a file is accessible to everyone, even my grandmother! Especially with options like Mac application or extensions for browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Registration to the site is free and allows you to store everything you can find on the Web, including:

  • pics
  • videos
  • connections
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Even places of Google Maps!

A small negative point, its limit: 250 MB for the free version. The fee level, you get 25 GB, a custom domain name, sending files via email and some additional options.

Dropmark video, you’ll understand everything

Have you tested Dropmark? What do you think of this new service?

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