Earn Money From Your Blog Post (Paid To Review)

There are so many ways we can do to earn money on internet. After I explained about making money from Google Adsense in previous post, this time I want to explain about how to generate revenue by posting an article. This also known as PTR (Paid To Review).

How it works? Paid to review means you will get paid for every article we posted. Your task is make a short review about a website/product/service on your blog in certain categories and length of words). After you finished to post about it, advertisers will pay you fro your article you done about their requirements. Simple enough, right?

Next, you must be wandered, how to find a website that wants to reviewed by us? You can simply get it from a PTR brokers, who can make a connection between you and advertisers. But however, there are some requirements you must fulfill in order to get approved by them in PTR marketplace.

  1. You must have a blog/website. This is the main requirement to participate because you shall write the reviews on your own blog later then.
  2. Your blog must be updated and has standard stats, like have pagerank, Alexa rank must high, and daily visitors.

If you think that your blog has a mentioned requirements, then you should register at some PTR program. There are so many PTR programs on internet. You can register one or maybe all at once. Then, you have to submit your blog URL and wait for approval. Once your blog approved, you can start to find advertisers that match with your blog category and make a deal with them. When the advertisers agree to you for write a review, you must write on your blog as the advertisers requirement. When you have done, they will pay you.

You can find those programs there, feel free to choose them by clicking the title :

This program is easy for the beginners. Easy to earn here.

Advertisers will contact you via email when they need you to review their website.

You can make a offers/bid with advertisers about your review pricing. Easy for beginners.

This is a bit difficult because your blog must be in a good stats (pagerank, alexa, traffic, etc). But more money you can make once your blog approved there.

That’s my favourite PTR program. You can even make more money there. Of course your blog must be good.

Oh, almost forgot about this. You must be have Paypal account to receive your payments. Paypal is a payment processors that accepted worldwide and easy to use. You can receive and withdraw your payments into your currency. Make sure that you have register it for free. Well, good luck.

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