Earring’s Role In People’s Life

We have never known that there are many fun stories about the costume earrings. We have never considered that the modern fashionable young are willing to accept the punishment on their bodies to pierce their earlobes, noses, eyebrows, tongues, lips, navels and any part of their bodies that can pierce the ornaments. The only wish of piercing on the bodies is to be after the beauty, fashion and wildness. The idea of changing own body has always been in the mind of people. From simple ornament to delicate jewelry, it shows that people do not satisfy the natural beauty any more and try their best to dress them up perfectly.

The earring comes from the belief of keeping away the evil. The teeth of the animals, the nuts of the plants and the processed stones or wood were worn to avoid the natural disasters or the plots of the ghosts. Moreover, ornaments can make humanity differ from the animals and other tribes. During the development of the ornaments, people gradually get rid of the pristine wildness and formed the unique culture.

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