Enhance Your Alexa Rank Drastically

If you want to participate in “get paid to review” programs, Alexa rank is an important things and obliged for you to fulfill. As you know about Alexa, more traffic on your blog, higher your Alexa rank. Some advertisers have consideration about this, so they will value your blog as it worth your Alexa rank. This time I want to tell you how to increase your Alexa rank drastically, of course you must do it as the following instructions below :

  1. Install ReloadEvery Firefox Add-ons on your Mozilla browser.
  2. Search about anonymous proxy in with Google, you can use some keywords like “web proxy” or “anonymous web proxy”
  3. Open that and enter your blog URL, then surf that. After your blog appear, right-click on that page and choose “Reload every 10

If you have good internet connection, you can open it in 5 tabs at the same time. This process will faster your Alexa enhancement. Do it before you go to sleep until morning.
Almost forgot, this add-on can only installed at old version of Mozilla.
Good luck.

Credit : Thanks for Mr.John for sharing this tips.

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  1. arief says:

    Funtastic tips.. have another trix?

  2. st_hart says:

    Nice trick. I wonder if search engines especially google will frown upon the trick. What do you think?

  3. iCalvyn.com says:

    Good tips…

    will use this tips to hv a try…

    i use another website which exchange traffic to boost alexa. if don mind, above is my affiliate link

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