The essential tools to manage your social networks in “autopilot mode”

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Social networks are not only important platforms to interact with your readers (promote products or services), but they are also essential for the acquisition of traffic. As the effective management of social networks is not given to everyone, I thought it was time to reveal some secrets. Here are the essential tools to manage your social networks in “autopilot mode”


Even though can be daunting one interface, HootSuite is as an essential tool for managing your social networks. This is the service that I have used for years and it is flawless (almost). It allows, among other things, automatic management:

  •      twitter
  •      Facebook
  •      Google +
  •      LinkedIn
  •      Foursquare
  •      WordPress
  •      Etc..

The strength of this tool is the large number of features and the ability to manage all social activities from a single interface.

Buffer is a very simple tool to use. To date, more than 1 million users are using this tool. It allows you to manage actions on the following platforms:

  •      Facebook
  •      twitter
  •      Google+
  •      LinkedIn

The strength of this tool is definitely the simplicity and immediacy of its interface.

TweetDeck is a tool for planning and management of your actions on social networks . Although primarily suited to Twitter, it is also very effective for the organization of your feeds, filter conversations , and receiving notifications. The strength of this tool is , without doubt, the ability to manage an unlimited number of free account. You can find it in the web application, or directly on your desktop with a Mac and Windows software.
Conclusion on these essential tools

You do not have to use these three tools simultaneously. I invite you to select one and tame . You will see that after a while , you can do wonders . The automation is something that I work a lot. I think , like me, you do not have all day to spend on social networks . A little freewheel not hurt anyone!

And you , what tool do you use to manage your social networks in ” autopilot ” mode? Feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience.


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