Facebook: add 4000 pictures per second!

Facebook is definitely the social network of all records. Not content with being the largest social network in terms of users (over 1.15 billion), Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for photo sharing. There are some days, Facebook has revealed a white paper in which he revealed some staggering about his own site numbers. According to the report, there are 4000 additions photos per second on Facebook


To make it simple, here are the numbers I mentioned above:

  • Facebook users have posted more than 250 billion photos
  • An average of 350 million photos are uploaded per day
  • 14.6 million photos are uploaded per hour, which gives 243,000 images uploaded per minute, and 4000 to the second
  • Users generate more than $ 4.5 billion every day Likes
  • Users send more than 10 billion messages each day

Flickr can not but frown at such figures. Indeed, for comparison, Flickr users go online 3.5 million photos every day, for a total of 8 billion!

Are you that kind of person to send dozens of pictures every day on Facebook?

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