Facebook Application for mobile spy text messages

According to a survey published Sunday by The Sunday Times, Facebook would have access to personal text messages from users, through its smartphone app. The social network would admit after the fact, stating that the data intrusion belongs to a study for the launch of its own mobile messaging service.

A spokesman said that the messaging application has not yet been launched, but when it does, access to user data will be through appropriate authorization, as is currently done in the terms of service on various platforms. Also, you would be violating the agreement, and it is limited evidence and consistent with the integration of the social network for mobile programs.

The research, which also cites other companies that engage in the same practice, such as Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger and Badoo said that there are even applications that allow companies to intercept phone calls or operate cameras smartphone users remotely, with the opportunity to take photos or record video whenever they want, but that does not mean it has occurred.

Recall that just today, in the framework of the MWC 2012, the chief technology officer of Facebook said that in four years and have reached 430 million users who connect to the social network only by phone, and 845 million computers connected from . In terms of mobile applications, there are now 400,000 Android programs, and 500 thousand for iOS. Also, 70% of users never read acknowledges the terms and conditions of the contract.

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