Facebook confirms its email platform for the coming months

facebook-emailThe war between Google and Facebook is far from over, because not only are going to have to see how the search giant keeps online users to provide their data to the network through your email (Gmail), but also will to see how Facebook undertake the creation of a new platform that will provide email support to its 500 million users.

Submitted directly by the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the next stage of growth will be the project “@ facebook” that many people have expected, especially those engaged in business marketing campaigns. The strategy focuses on you may find in this network all the tools you need to get in touch and keep abreast of what happens to your social circle, without necessarily having to rely on tools provided by third parties.

Although the service will take a couple of months to be ready to begin mass testing around the world, announced that every one who has a profile on Facebook can maintain real-time conversations via text messages, Chat and typical e-mail. Among the novelties in the implementation of this new platform of communication via e-mail, include not use the “case”, nor be required of the “blind carbon copy.” The largest representatives of the new age online social argue that the implementation of a conversation history, whatever the channel used within Facebook, is essential.

While there is already a message system in this network, the implementation of e-mail interface to allow the 500 million users to each other, most likely, without the need to be friends with another recipient, a fact which in part require to the security officials to make exceptions regarding the invitation to people who are not part of direct social circle of a given user.

Then compete with larger companies in a world emails Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, who have 193 million, 361 million and 273 million subscribers respectively, Facebook snapped up an impressive number of users and revolutionary current view you have mail e, which in the opinion of the creators of the network is very functional and slow.

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