Facebook is against anonymity on the Web

Facebook said it was against anonymity on the Web because it opens the door to all kinds of excesses. We know that Facebook suspended the fake accounts such that user named Yoda, but he wants to go further in combating anonymity in all its forms.

The problem is that Facebook Connect allows the option to comment on third-party sites, and some people go beyond all limits. Thus, a young woman of 17, Alexis Plikington, committed suicide after announcing in social networks. Immediately, thousands of haters have flooded his Facebook Wall of hateful comments like: “Good riddance! “,” One less bitch on earth! “Etc.. The second case is more disturbing and shows the brutality of human nature. Nicole Catsouras, a young 18 year old woman was killed in a car accident in 2006. We took pictures of her dismembered body that flooded on Facebook pages. Some have even sent these photos to these parents with the title: “Look Dad, I’m alive!”.

The psychologist felt that anonymity increases the unacceptable behavior because is not responsible. Human nature turns to evil as long as it avoids responsibility for his actions. However, this declaration of Facebook is not without interest, for he insists that everyone provide real information to use as you wish.

Facebook plays a phobia of hatred by trying to impose its vision of the Web. We must specify that the trolls have existed since the beginning of the web, and normal users are able to neutralize them without problem. Anonymity on the web is a fundamental right that can not remove the pretext that there is abuse. Otherwise we must also ban the weapons because some commit murders while others are used to protect the lives of citizens.

Facebook is pretty hypocritical for criticizing anonymity, but it does nothing against the racist groups that abound on its network. And it’s not as if he was not aware because some users warn them regularly, but hate Facebook agrees as long as it preserves its user base. In addition, if you read the terms of Facebook, he said it monitors all user activities, so is he could not create a filtering service to ban keywords?

Anonymity must be regulated, but it should not be deleted because it is one of the foundations of the Web.

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