Facebook vs Twitter: what they are worth on the market of the stock market?

When we talk about social networks, the two main returning to the mouth are Facebook and Twitter. These two giants have managed to win against a terrible concurrency. Released on 4 February 2004, Facebook is the pioneer. Twitter has not followed the March 21, 2006. Proud of his success, Facebook launched 17 May 2012 the biggest IPO in the history of technology stocks. Twitter follows suit October 31, 2013. But what actually are these social networks on the market of the stock market? Response graphics


Some interesting figures on the exchange of Facebook and Twitter:

  • Evaluation traded at 18 March 2004: 175,320,000,000 dollars for Facebook, 27,930,000,000 dollars for Twitter.
  • Share price at launch: $ 38 for Facebook, $ 26 for Twitter.
  • Share performance: 92.3% for Facebook, 63.2% for Twitter.
  • ARPU: $ 2.14 for Facebook $ 1.01 for Twitter.
  • Have you invested in one of these actions?

Source: Start Magazine.

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