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There so many ways that bloggers can do to increase their blog status instead post more articles and keep it updated such as blogwalking, link exchange, and giving comments at another blogs. The main purpose of these ways is for increase traffic and page rank. For those who wants to monetize their blog, of course they will take benefit from search engine. In this case, Technorati is one of the webmaster who is very influential to increase page rank on the blog or sites that you have and high traffic as well.

Your page rank will increased if the amount of backlink in your blog increased, moreover if there is a blog that fave your blog at Technorati. If you want to have a blog with high page rank and traffic that I think you should consider one of the things that is quite important, especially if you have monetizing purpose. Of course this is very important, because it can make money. In fact, Technorati is believed can increase the page rank.

How it work, simply do the steps below :

1. Do Technorati exchange with other bloggers. Add them to your favourite and they will do same. You can do this by blogwalking and leave comment or notification to exchange Technorati. If you want to exchange with me, click here. If you done, leave a comment that you has added me and I will do same to add yours. Fair enough isn’t it? Oh also you can get the widget here.

2.Make a post about Technorati like this post, but don’t copy mine, just use your own word and you can do it. Do it if you are serious blogger who wants to raise your blog.

That’s so easy and also interesting. I’m looking forward for your coming and don’t forget to fave me if you think this article is useful for you.

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  1. nyubi says:

    klo saia mah bru saja join nih
    salam knal

  2. andro_simar says:

    Kok aku gagal terus ya claim blogku ? 😀

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