Feedient, one site to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

With a ton of social networks on the web, you do not know where to turn. Must say a coup must connect to Twitter, the other time in Facebook, etc.. The day is over and you did nothing … Aside wasting your time. Today I want to introduce you Feedient. This new free online service allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube from a single interfacefeedient

Feedient is extremely simple and fun to use . After entering a valid email address , you only have to give access to your social networks to have a complete interface. Thus, you can:

  • Group the largest social networks : Feedient connects seamlessly with Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and YouTube.
  • Having real-time streaming : no need to refresh or click a button to get your updates , new messages reach you automatically.
  • Receive notifications universal : universal notification center brings together all notifications of your accounts in one place .

feedient-tableau-bordAs you can see on my screenshot above, the dashboard is successful. A sidebar on the left offers to find your flow and settings. Then everything is divided into several windows. These can even be positioned where you want it. A simple drag & drop is enough to move a window .

Note that Feedient is available for anyone who wishes to use it. For cons , the service is still in beta . So you can experience bugs or lack of certain features.

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