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img1BTurnstiles are becoming a regular sight at public entry points. There are many reasons why these devices are used. Some offer controlled access with security cards while others are merely a way of counting the number of visitors to a store. They can also resist the unlawful, who may be trying to make a quick exit with stolen merchandise. The purposes and designs are many, but one thing is for sure. Turnstiles are designed to bring security to any point where they are used.

How Turnstiles are Made

Turnstiles can be made from stainless steel or aluminum and be fitted with all types of sensors for detecting metal, firearms, or recognizing identification. Only the most structurally sturdy materials are used in building turnstiles, according to GSA Contractor specifications. Many turnstile specialty companies can also adjust the size or materials used, to fit building needs.

Make your facility safer for workers and the public by looking at the models of turnstiles now available. For instance, find the best turnstiles gates & more at Turnstiles.US, where ADA accessible gates, state-of-the-art technology, and fitted access control, are available. Being new to the industry is never a problem. Professional designers can bring anyone up to speed in what turnstiles have to offer for any situation.

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