Finding the Right Soldering Equipment

There is a difference between welding and soldering, though many people use the terms interchangeably. Welding involves melting two materials and fusing them. Soldering does not involve melting the material itself. Instead, some kind of filler material like tin, silver, aluminum or lead is melted and coats the two materials that are being joined. As the filler material cools down, the materials become fused.

It is important to have the right soldering equipment to perform this process properly. One of the first pieces of equipment needed is a soldering iron. It is the heat source that melts the filler material, or solder. Purchasing a soldering iron that has an adjustable temperature control makes this tool very versatile. The process of soldering is a low-heat process compared to welding, but soldering materials have different melting points. It helps to be able to adjust the iron when necessary.

Although they may be considered auxiliary tools, a cleaning sponge and clips are important for this process. The sponge is for removing inevitable drips and spills, and the clips are for holding the two items that are being soldered together. The hands will not be free during the soldering process, so the clips have a dual purpose. In addition to holding the soldered items in place, they also help to prevent mishaps. If the iron drops, it can create an injury or destroy the investment in equipment. Trying to hold these items and a soldering iron simultaneously can be cumbersome. All the attention should be on the soldiering iron.

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